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1. Print out either one of the entry puzzles
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Up to $700 per puzzle or $3200 weekly! It's that easy...

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Mentally stimulating, financially rewarding!

Every puzzle is created within the company and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
We are in our twenty-ninth year with 5 new puzzles weekly, paying out a total of: $3200.00 per week or $166,400.00 annually, with a total of almost $5,000,000.00 in prize money awarded to date. 
If you are still not convinced that this is likely to be an extremely fruitful and enjoyable endeavor, then read the testimonials of some of our existing Puzzle Players Weekly subscribers.
  • Norman Koon has won $24,704 so far!

    I look forward to the weekly letter from Challenging Times. The puzzles are fun, plus I earn some extra money for the bills. I have subscribed for years, and a week almost never goes by without me entering several of the puzzles. Thanks for the chance to play and earn money.
  • Patty P. has won $17,781 so far!

    Patience, perseverance, persistence - all are needed to successfully complete these puzzles. Implementing these strategies has made me mentally, intellectually, emotionally and financially richer and sharper.
  • Peter Newman, FL, has won $30,464

    "You really brighten my day. Thank you for the huge prize check you sent me for trivial triumph."
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